Stop Trump's Wall, Deportation Force, and Incarceration Agenda

Politicians in DC are looking to pass legislation that would continue to fund the construction of a border wall, the hiring of a deportation force, and the expansion of immigrant incarceration infrastructure.   

With DREAMers being rounded up and deported, immigration raids targeting families in the dead of night, private property being seized and federal refuges being razed to build a wall, we need your help to to stop the anti-immigrant/anti-Latino agenda in Congress.

This year, LULAC National led a coalition letter to Congress urging representatives to oppose the Trump wall, the criminalization of immigrants, and the militarization of the border.  Over 160 civil rights, faith, environmental, indigenous, LGBT, legal, labor, border, and community groups signed the LULAC National letter.  To read the LULAC National coalition letter, click here.

Now it is your turn!  Contact Congress today!


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