Ask Your Legislator to Cosponsor and Vote Yes on Pay Equity

Women in South Carolina, especially women of color, are still typically paid less than men. Pay discrimination is one reason why. 

 Did you know that: 

  • A Black woman in South Carolina is typically paid 57.5 cents to every dollar typically paid to a white, nonHispanic man. Non-Black women of color in South Carolina face high wage gaps as well. 
  • The overall wage gap for South Carolina women has narrowed by a mere four cents over the last 20 years. 
  • If today’s wage gap persists, a Black woman in South Carolina will lose $860,000 to the wage gap over a 40 year career. For a Latinx woman, this adds up to more than $900,000 in lost earnings over a 40 year career. 
  • In order to “catch up” to what the typical white, non-Hispanic South Carolina man is paid by age 60, depending on her race, a South Carolina woman would need to work anywhere from 12 to 34 additional years. 

Legislation is an important tool that can help close the gender and racial pay gap. 

The SC Act to Establish Pay Equity (H.3183 & S.514) is a bill that has bipartisan support and would ensure that employee pay is based on factors such as skill, effort, and responsibility. It bans the use of salary history and provides pay transparency without retaliation. 

Women are critical to our economy, and thus any economic recovery efforts must center women workers, particularly women of color, and ensure that they receive equitable wages. Equal pay measures are necessary to help more people re-enter the workforce and employers to rebuild their businesses. Equal pay measures provide tools that enable job seekers to find jobs and employers to efficiently, effectively, and fairly restore their workforce. Fair pay would also help ensure all communities are resilient and sustainable, no matter what crises arise in the future. 

Write your legislator to ask that they show support by signing on as a co-sponsor for the bill and vote YES on Pay Equity.

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Ask your Legislator to Support Pay Equity