Urge Lawmakers to Re-consider Family Visitation Requirements for Nursing Homes


Many nursing home residents are going on 6 months without visitation from their loved ones and as a result these seniors are showing signs of depression, anxiety, and related physical decline as a result of this social isolation. The dedicated staff at Community Wellness Partners (LutheranCare and Presbyterian Home’s & Services) are doing their very best to find ways to otherwise connect residents to their families. However, under the current visitation guidance there is little that can be done to provide residents the in-person, interactions they deserve.

Family members of residents of LutheranCare and Presbyterian Home are strongly encouraged to contact their lawmakers and urge them to re-consider the Nursing Home family visitation guidance! The state's adult care facility (ACF) visitation guidance was recently amended, however, the nursing home guidance still requires nursing homes to have no staff positive COVID-19 test results for 28 days in order to allow visitation. This is an overly burdensome requirement resulting in the continued isolation of our loved ones. 

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