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Tell Trump administration: Take back this harmful rule for Washington families!

Children's Alliance joins with advocates and families across the state to condemn the Trump administration’s plan to sow fear among our communities. This is bad for the nation and for families in Washington State.

The rule is a clear attempt to force Washington’s families to make an impossible choice between sticking together or meeting their basic needs for health care, food, or shelter. The administration is using federal rulemaking to quietly make devastating changes.

But this is a democracy, and we can fight back. Sign this petition!

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The Trump administration is proposing to make significant changes to the way the “public charge test” in federal law is applied to immigrants seeking to obtain legal status. The government can deny admission to the U.S. or refuse an application for lawful permanent residency if the government determines the applicant is likely to become a public charge—in other words, likely to use certain types of government assistance.

There are already rules restricting access to many public benefits. The Trump administration proposes to penalize people who access benefits legally. The draft rule is designed to harm our families and communities in two ways.

First, the Administration has made clear its intent to make life more difficult for low-income immigrant families, including their U.S. citizen children, by restricting their ability to access basic programs—programs that they are legally elligible for. 

Second, the release of this proposed rule is designed to discourage families to whom it doesn’t apply from seeking help—such as asylees, refugees, or those who are already legal permanent residents.

In short, the proposed rule would punish lawfully present families who attempt to meet their basic needs.

This change will not affect some groups of immigrants—such as refugees, asylees, people fleeing from domestic violence and other protected groups. The public charge rule also does not apply to lawful permanent
residents (green card holders) applying to become U.S. citizens.

For more information: https://www.clasp.org/publications/fact-sheet/public-charge-new-threat-immigrant-families

When families face hard times, they count on certain public programs that deliver basic necessities to help. With this proposed rule change, the Trump White House seeks to do immediate harm to our communities.

We stand with all Washington families and condemn this proposed rule.



TO: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
RE: Proposed Rule Changes to Department of Homeland Security, Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds

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