Thank Legislators for Passing this Monumental Bill

June 17, 2020 -- After 3+ years of hard work and multiple advocacy efforts, the ZPAC team, and many other physician coalitions including the Medical Association of Georgia, Georgia-ACEP, the Georgia Radiological Society, and the Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists, are proud to share that Georgia’s HB 888, “Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act,” has passed the House and Senate, and the Governor has stated he will sign the bill into law.  We are finally seeing surprise medical billing legislation that includes provisions for fair initial payment, patient protections, and arbitration by physicians and/or hospitals.

The real win is that this legislation will provide for initial reimbursements tied to “verifiable amounts” paid by health plans, or per prior contracts, and establishes a “baseball styled” arbitration (IDR), which permits claim batching and a “loser pays arbitration expenses” methodology.  With the passing of this legislation, Georgia then joins Texas, by having one of the most pro-physician SMB laws in the US. 

We would encourage you to join us in sending a “Thank you,” to the Georgia House and Senate members to thank them for this monumental resolution to surprise medical bills.

Thank Legislators for Passing this Monumental Bill!


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