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The previous law required a health facility  at which a mammography examination  is performed, if a patient  is categorized by the facility  as having  heterogeneously  dense breasts or extremely  dense breasts, based on the Breast Imaging  Reporting and Data System established by the American  College  of Radiology, to include in the summary  of the written  report that is sent to the patient,  as required by federal  law, the following  notice: "Your mammogram  shows that your breast tissue is dense. Dense breast tissue is common and is not abnormal. However, dense breast tissue can make it harder to evaluate  the results of your mammogram and may also be associated with  an increased risk of breast cancer. This information  about the results of your mammogram  is given  to you to raise your awareness and to inform your conversations with your doctor. Together, you can decide which screening options are right  for you. A report of your results was sent to your physician."


This requirement sunsets on January 1, 2019. [HSC §123222.3] The new bill extends the sunset date to January 1, 2025 and makes other technical changes.

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