We need a budget that uplifts the common good!

President Trump released his “skinny budget” last week. The President’s budget is only a proposal, Congress will ultimately set our Nation’s spending priorities, but it is still important because it signals what the new president is thinking and what his vision for our common life is.

The President’s budget proposal calls for a large increase in military spending. This cost would be offset by severe cuts across much of the rest of the government. It would eliminate dozens of long-standing federal programs that assist the poor and slash funding for environmental protection, scientific research, foreign aid, and diplomacy.

This proposed budget also codifies a promise to build a wall on our southern border. It sets aside more than $4 billion to begin the building process as well as beefing up staffing needs to support more deportations.

Act now - Urge Congress to work towards a budget that reflects our commitment to the common good, uplifts all people and protects God’s Creation!

Reminding us that Jesus calls us to attend to the needs of the least of these, General Synod 25 challenged the United Church of Christ to support policies that serve the common good, saying:

“Our Christian faith speaks directly to public morality and the ways a nation should bring justice and compassion into its civic life. In the story of the last judgment, Jesus tells us that nations will be judged by how they care for their most vulnerable citizens, those Jesus describes as, ‘the least of these who are members of my family.’ This story in Matthew (Matthew 25: 34-35) is not about personal salvation; rather it is presented as a story of the judgment of nations.”

This budget doesn’t reflect the values or commitments which we as people of faith hold dear. Now is the time to speak out!

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