Tell Your State Senator and Assembly Person to #PassNYHealth!

We have until June 19th to #PassNYHealth!

The New York Health Act [A5248] is now stuck in committee in the Assembly. Here is what you can do to help. We need you to help us get the message to the Assembly and Senate that this must 

1) Assembly: Contact your Assembly Member and tell them it is time to request Speaker Carl Heastie to move to the floor to be passed for the fifth year in a row. Calling your Assembly Member will have the biggest impact on making your voice heard.

2) Senate: Contact your Senator and tell them it is time to request Senate Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins #PassNYHealth for the first time to show they are standing with the people of New York who are desperate for healthcare they can afford. 

If passed, New York Health will provide comprehensive, universal health care for every resident. This plan is more generous in benefits than any existing private or public plan -- including coverage of long-term care. Because it takes out the profit-hungry middleman in healthcare, it costs less! Savings can go to increased wages for the first time for workers who have been trading wage increases for healthcare costs. We can make sure everyone has access to high quality care by #PassingNYHealth. 

Call today!

Click here to call your state legislators today!

*You'll receive a call from 718-736-2886 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

Thank you for contacting your state legislators urging them to support the New York Health Act — guaranteed healthcare for all New Yorkers!

Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media. Together, we can win guaranteed healthcare for all in New York! #PassNYHealth #MedicareForAll

Thank you for taking action for the New York Health Act!

In a moment you will be patched through to your State Senator and Assembly Member's offices. Then you can give them a message including the following:

1) Give your name and address, emphasizing that you are a constituent.

2) Tell them you are calling to urge them to ask Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins to pass the NY Health Act this year. New Yorkers elected a new majority in the state Senate to see movement on this legislation. It's time to start the process to pass and implement universal, guaranteed healthcare in New York State. 

3) Add a personal message: why is guaranteed healthcare important to you?

Thank you again for making sure your voice is heard!