Governor Cuomo: Create One Fair Wage for Tipped Earners Across New York State!

Did you know that workplaces that pay people in tips are getting away with paying New Yorkers LESS THAN the minimum wage?

Restaurant servers, bussers, hosts, bartenders, car washers, and nail salon techs have rallied to end the subminimum wage that keeps them in poverty.

Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo signaled that he’s open to ending our state’s shameful two-tiered wage system. 

The deep-pocketed National Restaurant Association will lobby relentlessly to preserve the status quo so that restaurant CEOs can pocket more and more profits.

To make game-changing progress for 400,000 New York residents who live off tips, we need to outnumber the corporate fat cats. 

Sign our petition to Governor Cuomo to voice your support for One Fair Wage for tipped earners in New York!

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