Let Congress Know: Fixing the CHC Funding Cliff is Urgent.

If you follow what’s happening in Washington, you know there is a lot going on, from disaster aid to continued attempts to repeal the ACA. What that means for Community Health Centers is that Congress is not prioritizing fixing the Community Health Center Funding Cliff.

We only have 10 more days (and fewer legislative days) before we lose 70% of federal funding to Community Health Centers. North Carolina's most vulnerable people could lose access to health care. We need to turn up the volume on emails, calls, and personal visits to congress. Community health center leaders are in Washington RIGHT NOW speaking with your elected officials in person and making it clear just how high the stakes are for the people of North Carolina if we fail to fix the cliff. The cliff fix can't wait until December. Implications for delay will cost Community Health Centers doctors and nurses, contracts, leases, staff morale and attrition. It will be an unnecessary step backwards considering the tremendous progress Community Health Centers have made in the last 15 years during both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Email your elected officials RIGHT NOW.