Tell the Trump Administration to Release More Lobos!

Just 114 Mexican gray wolves are roaming the wild today by the most recent count. This number is inadequate if real recovery of lobos is ever to occur. On top of that, the Trump Administration's recently-released recovery plan does the bare minimum under the law and ignores science and the expressed wishes of 99 percent of those submitting public comment.

Join us in asking the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to release more lobos into the wild to help to bring Mexican gray wolves back!


The recent news that the wild populations of Mexican wolves grew by just one individual in 2017 is deeply concerning and clearly demonstrates the immediate need for you to do more to recover this critically imperiled species. I respectfully ask that you immediately review and revise the Initial Release and Translocation Proposal for 2018 to fulfill the Service's duty to recover Mexican wolves.

Please apply all available techniques and authority under the Endangered Species Act to ensure that the Service does not fall behind its own plans and projections for releasing genetically valuable wolves.

Specifically, I ask that you immediately prepare to release appropriate adult packs with pups of the year in July 2018. The present plan to cross foster 12 pups into Arizona and New Mexico is simply not enough to ensure the longterm viability of Mexican wolves in the wild.

We know that there is support both regionally and nationally for increased releases of lobos and a commitment to bringing this species back. A recent analysis showed that 99 percent of those submitting public comment support wolf recovery. (1)

The Service acknowledges that the path to recovery requires the still-small wild population be steadily increasing. The Service is well aware of the genetic bottleneck threatening Mexican wolves, yet the Service's answer to this crisis is to rely on the cross-fostering over the next 16 years.

While cross-fostering may be one of several valuable techniques, as demonstrated by last year's near-total cross-fostering failure, the Service's plans to rely solely on cross-fostering are not realistic or sufficient. Substantial releases of adult wolves must occur as well.

Please act today to ensure the wild Mexican wolf population grows in 2018. Do not let the successes of past years be undone by a lack of willpower or political interference. Please uphold your duty and do more than cross-foster this year and in future years.



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Tell the USFWS to release more lobos

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