#WeAreAllAmerica: Stand with Immigrants, Refugees & Muslims

The politics of fear in our nation continue to escalate, targeting immigrants, refugees and Muslims with harsh, unjust and discriminatory policies through the Trump administration’s Executive Orders. On Tuesday we saw the next wave, as the Department of Homeland Security released details on how it will prosecute undocumented immigrants. We must lift our voices to make our members of Congress be a check on President Trump and stop these unjust policies.

Now is an urgent time for immigrants, refugees, Muslims, faith communities and allies to join together to proclaim #WeAreAllAmerica.

This week, across the nation, faith, immigrant, and refugee leaders and their allies will visit Members of Congress in-district during their President’s Day Recess, to peacefully express their support of:

  • Our nation’s programs of compassionate resettlement of refugees fleeing violence and persecution
  • An end to the cruel and unnecessary deportations destroying immigrant families
  • An end to discrimination against Muslims in our immigration policies

UCC members are standing on the front lines, ministering to those in sanctuary, marching against raids on immigrant communities and speaking out in solidarity with refugees of all faiths. Our elected leaders cannot remain silent against these immoral and thoughtless policies. They have no place in America.

Join advocates throughout the U.S. by speaking out wherever you are! Act now!

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