Protect Illinois Charter Schools

The Illinois State Public Charter Commission serves as a neutral, objective check on school districts, keeping politics out of the public charter school approval process. 


Founded in 2011, the Commission allows for public charter schools to appeal decisions from their local school board to a neutral arbiter.


Without the Illinois Charter Commission, school boards could reject public charter applications for no reason, impose burdensome requirements onto a charter school and make it impossible for the school to operate, or even close local charter schools - forcing families to find a new school for their children. 


Special interests want to abolish the Commission because it eliminates an opportunity for public charter school proposals to get a fair shot. Opponents of the commission have claimed that the commission has undermined local control - but that is not true. Only 13.2% of appeals have been granted statewide in Illinois, and local decisions have remained intact following 86.8% of appeals filed. 


E-mail your State Senator now, and tell them to uphold the veto of HB5175, maintaining the charter commission!

E-mail your State Senator now to protect the Illinois Charter Commission!


Thank you for taking action to protect charter schools!


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