Census Day 2020 (April 1, 2020) is less than 2 months away…but we still lack the resources to ensure our communities are counted.

Without a complete and accurate count, the African-American community will lose more than $40 billion in federal dollars for schools, community programs, housing, health care, and other important services.  Without a complete and accurate count, we could also lose seats in Congress and hard-fought political representation at all levels of government.

Unless immediate changes are made by the Census Bureau, the National Urban League predicts that the 2020 Census will produce an undercount of African-Americans greater than the 2.1 percent seen in the previous census (that’s close to 1 million individuals!)

 But YOUR voice can make a difference…

 WRITE the Census Bureau director to make the following changes TODAY:

  1. Protect Against Cybersecurity Threats. This is the first time we have the ability to complete the census form online. We need the Census Bureau to make sure the online system works and that we have a back-up plan that the public can understand, should any issue arise.
  2. Ensure Adequate Enumerator Hiring and Recruitment. We need to hire enough enumerators (census takers) from our own communities to knock on doors during the enumeration period. This is particularly important for communities of color in order to maximize participation rates.
  3. Extend 2020 Census Paid Media Campaign. The Census Bureau must extend the messaging and advertising campaigns throughout the entire enumeration period, which ends in July 2020, to encourage participation.


Contact the Census Bureau Director TODAY!


Thank you for taking action! For more information about the National Urban League, please visit www.nul.org