Legalize E-bikes in New York State Now!

Does NYC’s new framework for Pedal-Assist E-bikes need clarification? We think so.

Just this week, Mayor de Blasio announced that Class 1 Pedal-Assist E-bikes are legal to ride on NYC streets under a new framework.  We are pleased with this development that expands opportunities for bicycling to New Yorkers who could sometimes use an extra boost. The Mayor’s press release noted that there are pending bills in the state legislature and the city is open to further clarification from the state.

The time is NOW to make your voice heard that Class 1 pedal-assist E-bikes are a safe and green alternative to cars that also provide health benefits to the rider, traffic congestion relief, and an efficient means to get around all of New York State’s communities.

Legalizing e-bikes was the number one feedback point on New York state's 2017 Bicycle Friendly State report card.

Contact your representatives in the NYS legislature today to ask for their affirmative support on bills A07791B and S06029B.


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Thank you for adding your voice to support legalizing Class 1 pedal-assist E-bikes in New York State.

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