Support the National Day of Reason resolution

Please join the Freedom From Religion Foundation in supporting the National Day of Reason resolution, which aims to reaffirm the separation of church and state and ensure that reason guides public policy and law.

This resolution has been reintroduced in Congress by Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., to serve as an enlightened alternative to the National Day of Prayer, during which government officials may ask their constituents to join them in prayer. This resolution designates May 3 as the National Day of Reason, which aims to promote “public policy that is based on reason and logic instead of politics and ideology.”

Ask your U.S. representative to support this judicious resolution to govern by the power of reason, not superstition.

Let your representative know that as a secular constituent you support the National Day of Reason resolution and would like them to join you by co-sponsoring the bill.
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