Say “No” to Big Radio’s Anti-Artist Resolution

Why you should take action against the Local Radio Freedom Act:

  • There is nothing “local” about this resolution – 50% of the revenue generated by terrestrial AM/FM radio in the United States is controlled by 10 corporations. 
  • These 10 “Big Radio” companies don’t need Congress to give them special treatment to help them succeed – they had over 30% operating margin in 2015 without paying a cent to music creators. 
  • Promotion does not equal compensation – and only a small percentage of songs played by big radio are actually new music.

Tell Congress to say “no” to Big Radio by not supporting the Local Radio Freedom Act (H.Con.Res.13 & S.Con.Res.6). 


Thank you for telling your elected officials not to add their names to "Big Radio's"  subsidy protection resolution. Opposing the Local Radio Freedom Act means fighting special treatment for radio and working towards a system that treats all music platforms equally.  

Your continued support means we can stand up to "Big Radio's" money and powerful Washington, DC lobby. Please share this campaign on your social networks so your family and friends can stand with us.