NHTSA should follow the NTSB Recommendations to Support Safer Motor Vehicles and Testing

Please join the League of American Bicyclists' in supporting the National Transportation Safety Board's recommendations that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration take stronger steps to support and promote safer motor vehicles and testing of advanced driver assistance systems that can improve the safety of people who bike. 

  • Recommendation 2. Incorporate into the New Car Assessment Program tests to evaluate a car’s ability to avoid crashes with bicycles.


  • Recommendation 3. In collaboration with the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office and the Federal Highway Administration, expand vehicle-to-pedestrian research efforts to ensure that bicyclists and other vulnerable road users will be incorporated into the safe deployment of connected vehicle systems.


Contact the NHTSA staff that can implement these important recommendations!


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Looking for other ways to support safer bicycling? The League of American Bicyclists is currently lobbying for three bills introduced in Congress:

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