Call Today: Protect Refugee Resettlement

On September 26, the Trump Administration announced its proposal to set the refugee admittance cap at 18,000 for Fiscal Year 2020 - a historic low. Before that decision can be made however, the President has to consult with the leading members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and Immigration Subcommittees. Because of a congressional recess, that meeting may not take place until mid-to late-October.

Refugees have become integral members of our communities, bringing skills and blessings with them. Without the option of resettlement, they face years in camps marked by instability, danger, and little hope for rebuilding their lives. At a time when more than 25.9 million refugees worldwide are fleeing persecution, war, or violence, the U.S. has already reduced its refugee admissions from its historic annual average of 95,000 to less than 30,000 for 2019. 

Scripture reminds us that when we welcome the stranger in our midst, we are welcoming Christ among us. The Christian Reformed Church has long practiced this by working with and ministering among refugees for over 50 years. We hope to continue this tradition and fulfil the scriptural call to “love the stranger.”

Call committee leaders to urge them to protect the life-saving refugee resettlement program and support a return to the historic annual average of welcoming 95,000 refugees in 2020.

Read a backgrounder or return to the Office of Social Justice website.

Image Credit: Flickr user Freedom House

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Hi! I’m calling today as a member of the faith community to urge __(elected official’s name)__ to speak up in support of refugee resettlement in the United States. As part of Judiciary Committee leadership, she/he has the opportunity to help the president determine refugee resettlement numbers for Fiscal Year 2020. As a country with a long-standing history of welcoming refugees, I hope __(elected official’s name)__ will hold the administration accountable to setting the refugee admission cap to the historic annual average of 95,000. Thank you for your time.