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The WA State Insurance Commissioner has been tasked with drafting a bill to address “surprise” medical billing.  The current draft improves upon HB 2114 from the last session, but in our opinion does not go far enough in protecting the rights of physicians to fairly negotiate with private commercial insurers.  Please utilize this call to action to contact the Honorable Mike Kriedler and support your peers who have already formally commented on this draft bill. The comment letter was submitted by the Washington State Medical Association and undersigned by the following physician organizations:

 Center for Diagnostic Imaging

United States Anesthesia Partners

Washington Ambulatory  Surgery Center Association

Washington State Orthopaedic Association

Washington State Radiological Society

Washington State Society of Anesthesiologists

Washington State Society of Pathologists

Washington Chapter – American College of Emergency Physicians

Washington Society of Plastic Surgeons

Please help us stop surprise billing in conjunction with these organizations. Your voice matters!

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