Tell Governor Cuomo to use VW's settlement funds for electric school buses

Volkswagen cheated federal emissions tests and polluted our air. They have agreed to pay over $14.7 billion to settle civil and criminal suits over its diesel emissions scandal.

Now we’re asking Governor Andrew Cuomo and our decision makers at the Department of Environment Conservation to put our children’s health and safety first, and use the state’s $127 million Volkswagen settlement to fund electric school buses in environmental justice communities. 

Dirty diesel school buses harm New York’s children every day and contribute to the state’s high asthma rates. This will clean the air in our communities, bolster the fight against climate change, and protect the lungs of the millions of kids who ride buses every day.

In order to make it happen, tell Governor Cuomo to use the VW's settlement fund for electric school buses for kids!


Fund Zero-Emissions Electric School Buses

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