Tell your state lawmakers to take action to curb illegal short-term rentals

Throughout the country and in nearly every state and community, short-term rentals via websites such as are operating as illegal hotels. In most cases, neither the owners of the properties nor the website are paying hotel occupancy taxes or abiding by reasonable health, safety or ADA guidelines.

It’s time to make our voice heard!

Using the message we’ve crafted for you, send an email to your State Senator and State Representative in your state – the system will automatically figure it out by your address – to tell them to support:

  •  Leveling the playing field with short-term rentals
  • Same taxes
  • Reasonable, common-sense health, safety and disability-accessible guidelines

Short-term rentals like the ones you can find on are competing with your hotel for business. We absolutely welcome competition – we do it every day. However, when they can break the law and get away with it, that’s when we draw the line.

Lawmakers need to know more about this issue and where we stand. Send a message to your State Senator and State Representative today.

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Thank you for taking action on the critical issue of short-term rentals. If we stand together as an industry, united to say no to illegal activity and yes to leveling the playing field, I know we’ll be successful.


AAHOA Advocacy