Take Action: All Arlington Residents Should Have Good Recycling

Last year, Arlington City Council took interest in providing recycling services to apartment residents. Through grassroots organizing and public pressure, we helped spur and direct the City's most recent action on recycling.

On August 7, 2018, Arlington City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that requires all future apartment complexes to provide recycling services to their tenants. While this is an important step for future development, it doesn't yet provide a solution for more than 100,000 residents that already live in existing apartments.

We called on city council members to gather public input on how to provide existing residents with recycling--and two of them brought up this important point before taking the vote on the recycling ordinance. We couldn't have convinced council members to go further if it weren't for hundreds of people taking action.

Allowing the public to weigh in on recycling rules for apartments can also give us an opportunity to work on other similar waste issues. One of those issues we've raised is the need to consider changes to the Arlington's residential bulky trash and brush collection program in order to keep more green waste materials out of the dump.

In residential neighborhoods, Arlington contracts with Republic Services to collect brush materials and bulk trash. We want city officials to change the service to collect brush separately so they can be mulched or composted—which will divert thousands of tons of organic materials from the landfill to be used more beneficially.

Sign this petition to send a message to Arlington City Council to thank them for their recent support on recycling and let them know you support recycling for all residents no matter where they live, work or play!


Please let Arlington city officials know you support recycling wherever we call home in the city!


We appreciate you taking action today! If you want to find out more about our Zero Waste campaigns, you can visit https://www.zerowastedfw.org/