Call for equity and reconciliation in Indigenous education!

Despite years of promises, education results for First Nations students have not improved relative to those of other Canadians. (Auditor General’s report on Indigenous Services Canada, 2018)

Money is not the whole solution, but we know that First Nations schools on-reserve are systematically underfunded, with gaps of 30%-50% between provincial and First Nations school systems. That’s not okay.

Change is possible. We also know from the success of the Mi’kmaq Education Act and the Model School projects that when Indigenous kids have the funding and culturally appropriate education that they need, they can thrive.

The current government has made some big promises on reconciliation in education and has committed to fully implementing the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It’s time for real follow-through.

Ask your MP to establish clear steps to address the funding gap and to implement TRC Calls to Action 7-10 so that Indigenous parents can send their kids to schools that integrate their languages, cultures, values, and communities into the educational system.

Read the report summary or the full report here.

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