Urge Your Legislator to Work Collaboratively with Law Enforcement Leaders



Email your representative now to request that they work collaboratively with law enforcement to find solutions on public safety legislation that will achieve the best outcome for law enforcement and the public.

In the last few months of this truncated legislative session, more than two dozen bills were rapidly introduced that aimed to fundamentally change the practice of law enforcement in California. Of those, one troublesome bill remains — SB 731 — which was crafted virtually overnight and in silos, and would have unknown impacts to public safety, some of which could place both officers and members of the public in real danger. Californians deserve better than this rushed and haphazard approach to an issue so fundamental to our daily lives as public safety. PORAC continues to offer to work with each bill author to find a solution that will achieve the best outcome for all Californians. Until then, we must inform our legislators of the following concerns we have on SB 731:

  • SB 731 would amend and eliminate current qualified immunity standards for officers. A peace officer cannot do their job properly if there is always a lingering fear that even if they do the job by the book and up to policy standard, they could still potentially face a civil action. 

Email your legislator now to urge them to think about the safety of our law enforcement community and the public when considering SB 731.


Thank you for sending a letter to urge your legislator to work collaboratively with law enforcement leaders.