Support land conservation on the South Coast

Write to Beaufort County Council and share reasons why you value land protection.

The Rural and Critical Lands board made a recommendation to Beaufort County Council to place a bond referendum on the November 2018 ballot. This would raise money for land protection to benefit Beaufort County

Our South Coast region is defined by the Port Royal Sound Watershed, saltwater rivers, healthy fisheries, rural farmland and thriving small towns. Our region is also defined by fast-paced growth and development, popular beaches and tourist attractions. To maintain balance between our natural resources, economic growth and quality of life, we must continue to invest in land protection throughout the region.


Before hitting "Send Email," use our template to craft a more personal message:


Thank you for supporting land conservation on the South Coast. I will continue to update you on the potential referendum and opportunities for you to get involved. 

If you have questions or want to talk more, I'm at or (843) 522-1800.


Kate Parks Schaefer
South Coast Office Director
Coastal Conservation League