Tell your representative to co-sponsor a resolution recognizing national “Public Schools Week”—March 25-29!

On March 25, NASSP will join national education organizations across the country for Public Schools Week—a week to honor and showcase the achievements happening every day in America’s public schools and demonstrate the potential for even greater accomplishments in the future.

Nine out of every 10 students attend a public school. Public schools must serve every child—regardless of ability, religion, wealth, language, country of origin, or need. We know that by strengthening the public school system, we strengthen our democracy.

Despite the critical importance of public education, many members of Congress and other policymakers in recent years have supported cutting funding or diverting funding toward private school vouchers. We need to demand that our officials take a stand in supporting public schools and commit to strengthening and protecting our public education system. That’s why we are asking you to contact your representative and ask them to co-sponsor a resolution for Public Schools Week that recognizes that public schools are the foundation of a 21st-century democracy-and ensure that America’s children and youth can contribute to the society, economy, and citizenry of the country. The resolution also calls on Congress to:

  • Support such necessities as counseling, extracurricular activities, and mental health supports that are critical to help students engage in learning
  • Support inclusive and safe high-quality public schools where children learn to think critically, problem solve and build relationships.
  • Advance equity and excellence in public education and implement continuous improvement and evidence-based practices.
  • Ensure every child has the right to an education that helps them reach their full potential and attend schools that offer high-quality educational experiences.

Send an email and tweet NOW and ask your representative to support Public Schools Week!


Thank you for taking action for Public Schools Week with NASSP! Please make sure you’ve completed both campaign actions—email and tweet—to maximize our impact.

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