Tell your representative to protect the net!

Last year, the FCC just voted to end net neutrality, a policy that ensures that internet service providers (ISPs) are unable to alter your internet speed based on the content you consume. This change may have potentially devastating consequences for science and could lead to restrictions on sharing important scientific findings and data.  The Senate just voted to protect an open net.  Next up?  The House.

Join us in asking your elected officials to pass a bill preserving net neutrality and make it illegal for companies to censor which sites you visit, who you connect with, and what apps you use daily by selectively controlling broadband speed.  Despite the FCC ruling, legislation can ensure that all websites are treated equally by ISPs, making everything on the internet - including freely available scientific information and data - equally accessible.  Did your official already commit to voting yes?  Tell them thanks!



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Contact your representatives and urge them to pass legislation to defend the net and open sharing of scientific knowledge. Hold them accountable for our future.