Wireless Broadband Infrastructure

President Trump campaigned on the need to invest in America’s infrastructure to boost the nation’s economy and promote job growth. As Congress and the Administration work to create infrastructure policy legislation, any national infrastructure plan must include support for ubiquitous mobile broadband as a top priority.

An infrastructure package must include Congressional action to remove barriers to deploying infrastructure and streamline the siting and approval process, particularly on federal lands and facilities. Competitive carriers depend on reasonable facilities siting policies to deploy critical wireless broadband services. CCA members can experience significant delays and complications while applying for the necessary permits from the federal government, states, and localities. This problem will worsen as carriers accelerate construction of ultra-fast 5G networks, which require dense deployment of small antennas and equipment.  Mobile broadband service improves community safety, health, economic prosperity and overall quality of life. Regulations that impede mobile broadband infrastructure investment, buildout, and deployment must be removed and, where necessary, replaced with light-touch regulations that restore and promote competition.

Carriers must have certainty regarding the process and timeline for application review when seeking to deploy or upgrade services, and unnecessary red tape, burdens, fees, or open-ended timeframes only frustrate efforts to expand mobile broadband. Review of all barriers to infrastructure deployment is urgently needed, and policies should be uniformly applied to streamline and simplify expanding mobile broadband to all parts of the country. Streamlining these processes is particularly important as carriers work to densify their networks or bring services to high cost areas. 

Take Action to encourage your Member of Congress to ensure any infrastructure package includes mobile broadband as a key tenant, and urge Congress to adopt policies that streamline the siting process and reduce barriers to mobile broadband deployment. 

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