Share your story!

We’re collecting stories like yours to demonstrate how e-bikes help more people – and more types of people – integrate biking into their lives.

  • Did you think your biking days were over 'til you got an e-bike?
  • Were you able to improve your commute by e-biking with a child in tow, bypassing traffic and congestion?

It's because of the positive power of e-bikes that WA Bikes has placed e-bike legislation at the center of our 2018 state policy agenda.

The proposed legislation updates state law to address the rapid innovation in the e-bike industry by updating current Washington state e-bike law to national standards and to include e-bikes of all three classes.

Since 2014, e-bikes have seen the greatest increase in sales of any type of bike. It’s not hard to see why.  

Washington Bikes is excited about what the rise of e-bikes represents. Please share your stories about what excites you too.

Washington Bikes wants to hear your e-bike story. How has owning an e-bike changed your life for the better? Or if you want to ride, but don’t own one yet - how do you believe an e-bike will improve your life?