Workforce Solutions Can't Wait

Minnesota’s assisted living settings and nursing homes are facing an unprecedented workforce crisis. There are currently 23,000 open caregiver positions in senior care. The gap in unfilled positions is widening at a rapid and alarming rate. Settings throughout the state are on the brink of closure and caregivers are exhausted and leaving the field faster than we can replace them.

Shortages of staff are impacting access to care across the continuum. Nearly 70% of nursing homes are limiting admissions.

We know that we cannot solve this workforce crisis alone. We are urging lawmakers to take swift action to appropriate approximately $700 million for:

  • immediate, permanent wage increases to support workforce recruitment and retention
  • and to activate strike teams to help provide relief to exhausted caregiving teams.

We need your help so that lawmakers understand that we cannot wait for solutions. Contact your legislators today and ask them to ensure that funding for permanent wage increases for senior caregivers are included as a priority in the upcoming special legislative special session. 

The date of the special session has not yet been announced, but legislative leaders are in active negotiations to determine the priorities to address, and it may only be a matter of weeks before lawmakers return. Don’t wait; we need action now!

Your story can make a big impact! Add details to the pre-written letter to help your lawmakers understand the severity of the workforce crisis in your community.

Enter your contact information - either at your home or work - to connect with your lawmaker.


Thank you for contacting your lawmakers. Please encourage others to act by sharing on social media.

While information about COVID-19 is evolving, we know older adults and those living in congregate settings are at greatest risk for the most serious infections associated with COVID-19.

Thank you for addressing the costs associated with preparation and response to COVID-19.

We know we must work collaboratively during difficult times.

As soon as I am able, I hope to connect with you regarding legislative priorities outside the scope of COVID-19.

Until then, I invite you to contact me at any time if you would like more information about how we are responding to COVID-19 in our community.