URGENT: NJ Must Not Leave Immigrants Behind from COVID Relief

 The COVID-19 pandemic has created a public health and economic crisis in New Jersey. Low-wage and immigrant workers are among the most vulnerable, particularly immigrants without an authorized federal immigration status.  Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants and their US citizen children in NJ will not receive stimulus payments, even though many immigrant workers are working on the frontlines of COVID-19, making important deliveries, working in warehouses and health care. When immigrants lose their jobs, they are ineligible for unemployment assistance and most federal benefits if they lack a federal immigration status.

Call upon the state legislature to bring COVID relief legislation that will provide stimulus-like payments to undocumented immigrant taxpayers for a vote.

The nearly half million undocumented immigrants and their 128,000 US citizen kids pay about $600 million in state and local taxes annually in New Jersey. 

No one should be left behind. 

Send a message to your legislators!