Sign now: Stop Trump’s Takeover of the Supreme Court!

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s retirement changes everything. In the past 30 years, Kennedy has been the deciding vote on all but one of the environmental cases that have come before the high court. If Trump nominates and the Senate confirms an anti-environmental, anti-civil rights, radical justice to replace him our most basic health and environmental protections and voting rights could be under siege for an entire generation.

The Supreme Court matters for the environment. The Supreme Court has upheld that the EPA has the duty to protect people from dangerous pollution in our air and water, including the emissions driving climate change. The Supreme Court also matters deeply when it comes to determining who can participate in our democracy and who has the ability to vote. Our basic health and environmental protections and the fabric of our democracy would be severely under threat if Trump succeeds in appointing an extreme justice to the Supreme Court.

We need LCV members like you to stop Trump’s hostile takeover of the Supreme Court. Tell your senators to vote NO on any Supreme Court nominee who will favor corporations and the powerful over the rest of us!

Stop Trump’s Takeover of the Supreme Court


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