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SUPPORT HB 1251 and OPPOSE HB 901. These bills have been passed on to the Appropriations Committee for review this week.

Contact your State Representative NOW! Tell them to SUPPORT HB 1251, which protects Virginia’s patients and ensures all emergency care is covered, regardless of the final diagnosis. Help us bring an equitable solution to the issue of surprise medical bills.

HB 1251 - This bill:

  • Uses a General Assembly-created, transparent database (All Payers Claims Database) with actual payment data submitted by the insurers themselves, to compile the “regional average of commercial payments.”
  • Uses 2018 data to ensure no one can manipulate it — doctors or insurers — to set the new payment for a small number of out-of-network payments.
  • Uses an average of multiple health plans payments in the five regions in Virginia, meaning that some insurers will pay less, and some insurers will pay a little more. That means that payments to physicians will equalize in the region and doctors will NOT be making “more money” under this structure.
  • Removes patients from the billing process by requiring insurers to pay providers directly.


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