The Northwest can be the first region to make a just transition to 100% clean energy for all of our power needs. We can inspire the transition to sustainable prosperity across the nation and beyond. Oregon and Washington's natural resources, historic clean energy achievements, technology leadership, and emphasis on sustainable prosperity make us a natural leader for this shift towards a clean energy future. We call on our elected and business leaders to help us achieve a transition to 100% clean and efficient energy across all sectors by 2050. I'm 100% in for 100% CLEAN!

100% clean energy

The effects of global warming are around us right now; our world is facing an unprecedented crisis, brought on by our reliance on dirty fossil fuels. We can, and we must, make a real difference—with a transition to 100% clean energy:

By saying YES to this vision, we are helping build the movement that will achieve a fair, clean energy economy and protect our climate. Add your voice, and join the movement demanding 100% Clean Energy!

We're 100% in for 100% clean energy:

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