Tell Your Senators to Oppose Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court

We now have the name of the newest SCOTUS nominee. President Trump announced last night that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is his nominee to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Here is some background on Kavanaugh:

1. He ruled against Jane Doe, a young immigrant woman who needed abortion care.

2. Last year at a speech, Kavanaugh PRAISED the dissent in Roe v. Wade, calling the idea that women have a constitutional right to an abortion "freewheeling".

3. He believes that a boss’s religious beliefs should override an employee’s access to birth control coverage.

4. He believes that the president should be about the law, which means he will not serve as a check on the executive branch.

The Supreme Court decides the fundamental legal rights that we rely on every day: the constitutional right to liberty, including Roe v. Wade, and to equal protection; important health and safety regulations, and laws that protect against sex discrimination at work and at school. We need a Supreme Court Justice who will protect all of us. 

The time to take action is now. We need to keep pressure on the Senate to ensure the highest court is not biased or political.

Tell Your Senators to Oppose Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

Call your federal Senators today and ask that they oppose Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.