Protect Kids From Online Porn

Pornography has become more easily accessible and affordable. Porn is addictive, and yet 9 in 10 boys and 6 in 10 girls are exposed to pornography before the age of 18. Often first exposure to pornography is accidental and online. Online pornography that is available today is drastically different from previous generations – both in terms of violent content and ease of accessibility – with these new challenges, we need new ways to protect our kids.

The Canadian government is discussing a Health Committee report about the effects of violent online porn. The recommendations do not do enough to protect children from online porn—will you urge your Member of Parliament to respond to the Health Committee’s recommendations? 

Pornography doesn’t just affect the viewer. Pornography is often linked to other forms of sexual exploitation including sex trafficking and prostitution. According to a report from Defend Dignity, pornography is increasingly violent and misogynistic. Porn serves to fuel rape culture because it “portrays women deriving pleasure from physical abuse and therefore enables men to develop attitudes that allow for violence against women.” (Defend Dignity)

The report tabled by the Health Committee failed to address some of the serious concerns and legitimate suggestions from many of the expert witnesses. Urge your Member of Parliament to address pornography as a public health concern, better protect children from accessing pornography, and consider:

  • introducing meaningful age verification, as the U.K. has recently done;
  • updating the sexual health curriculum with warnings about pornography;
  • working with industry to develop opt-in filters; and
  • investing in more research on pornography as a public health concern.

To view the full Health Committee report, click here.

Urge your MP to protect kids from online porn!


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Protect kids from online porn!


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