Support Abortion Access and Bodily Autonomy for All South Carolinians

We the undersigned support every person's right to self-determination and bodily autonomy, and that includes the right to abortion care. Each of us should be able to live, work, and make decisions about our health and our future with dignity and respect.

Abortion access has been systematically under attack in South Carolina and around the nation for decades. We condemn these legal restrictions. We respect the capacity of individuals to determine what is best for their health, their families, and their futures. We demand that abortion be legal, equitable, and available for all who need it, when they need it, without shame or stigma.


This petition is proudly signed by

Luci E.
Lindsey B.
Emma H.
Laura M.
Susanne R.
Gabe M.
Jean K.
Sally S.
Holley T.
Sarah W.
Carole A.
Clara W.
Patsy D.
Janet W.
Lisa W.
Janet S.
Patrick K.
Meghan M.
Jacob O.
Robert n.
Shannon S.
Haley M.
Alison S.
Adeline L.
Terri C.
Kris M.
Chelle K.
Carey Q.
Sara C.
Sarah K.
Vasilina H.
Aerin B.
Tracy A.
Aly G.
Britany O.
Michele S.
Diana F.
Joyce M.
Joyner B.
elizabeth b.
Kate T.
marli w.
Jennifer K.
Jessica a.
Alex H.
Amber M.
Ru L.
Sarah M.
Ashley A.
Jillian B.
Mallory D.
Richard M.
Ariane R.
Trey B.
Tyler G.
ashley r.
Madison P.
Ashley R.
Katherine W.
Roxanne D.
Emily Y.
Tessa T.
Elizabeth T.
Megan S.
Ruthanne H.
Christina V.
Joie Z.
Anne k.
renee M.
Janet B.
Sheena M.
Renae S.
Dave W.
Jen O.
Amy D.
Carley F.
Shea H.
Jacqui J.
Jaime F.
Shanna C.
Brittany S.
Mitchell K.
Gabrielle O.
Chandler K.
CeCe H.
Haleigh W.
Misaela B.
Hannah D.
Janine W.
Janina P.
Emily R.
Caryn T.
Alexis B.
Sara R.
frances e.
Emily H.
Katherine B.
Drucilla B.
Lisa C.
Lisa B.
Katie Z Z.
Judy B.
Buffy C.
Lisa C.
Valerie M.
Kristyn L.
Joanne G.
Sydney R.
Deborah C.
Cynthia C.
Avril L.
Mary C.
Pamela M.
Dawn D.
Patricia S.
Ruth H.
Stacy T.
Jennifer K.
Kimberley L.
Melissa G.
Rachel B.
Robbie H.
Chaudron Z.
Doni J.
Heather S.
Kenna S.
Eve S.
Alana H.
Carolyn S.
Kate W.
Myeisha C.
Nicole N.
Katya C.
Carole C.
Ashley H.
Megan D.
Emily Y.
Evelyn B.
Omme R.
Sara R.
Leigh C.
Becky M.
Catherine H.
Cindy P.
Meghan G.
Denise S.
Jena P.
Frances O.
Lisa B.
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