Action Alert on Extreme Risk Protection Order bill!

We need to make one last push to get the critical Extreme Risk Protection Order bill up for a vote in the House and we need your help to do it!

Please call your rep and ask him or her to contact Speaker DeLeo and ask for a vote on a strong ERPO bill, H.3610. Ask the rep to report back to you after they have done it.  The call will likely take less than a minute - you will almost certainly be speaking with a staff person. But we need a large volume of these calls to come in this week! If you prefer, you can email your rep. The message is the same: contact the Speaker and ask for a vote on a strong ERPO bill H.3610, and ask them to report back to you  after they have made the ask.

 The time to act is now!



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*You'll receive a call from 617-329-4561 that will provide you guidance on what to say to your officials, and then patch you through directly to them.

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I am a constituent and a member of the MA Coalition to prevent Gun Violence, a coalition of over 60 groups statewide.

It's time for the MA Legislature to take action to prevent more gun violence in our communities by passing an Extreme Risk Protective Order Bill. An ERPO Bill would empower Massachusetts families and law enforcement to prevent gun tragedies by temporarily reducing access to guns by individuals at a high risk of endangering themselves or others. 

Will you actively support the ERPO bill by telling Speaker DeLeo know that you have his back and that he should bring the ERPO bill to the floor for a vote?