Our Faith can Change the Debate on Immigration

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors and welcome the stranger in our midst.

But you might not know that based on the public dialogue on immigration in this election.

The call for increased militarization of the border and the mass deportation of immigrant families has become a rhetorical space that defines a xenophobic ideology of rejection of the most vulnerable among us.

As people of faith, we are showing up to pray and act for justice. We are ready to build bridges, not walls. Now is an important time for faithful advocates to lift their voices and proclaim that the militarization of our border and communities is a dangerous practice that ultimately creates instability and fear.

God’s love knows no borders. Let’s work together to push the candidates to embrace a human approach to our immigration crisis. One that welcomes the stranger, protects vulnerable families and addresses the root causes of migration.

No matter who wins this election, our decision makers need to know that people of faith care about immigrants and refugees. That’s why we’re asking you to use social media to send messages via Twitter and Facebook to the Presidential candidates about why you believe we should care for the immigrant in our midst, not reject them.

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