Take action against discriminatory South Carolina bill!

This is our last chance to stop a South Carolina bill that would allow religious discrimination in adoption and foster care, and we need your help.

South Carolina theocrats have rolled a discriminatory provision into H4950, a long appropriations bill that is on the brink of passing.

As it is currently written, H4950 would allow faith-based organizations that place children into adoption or foster care to receive state funds while discriminating based on their religious beliefs. Please use our automated system to contact the members of the conference committee, the last legislators who can remove this language from H4950.

Potential discriminatory acts approved by section 38.29 of H4950 include denial of foster care or adoption opportunities to LGBTQ families, single mothers, atheists, or any other group marginalized by the religious organization. This bill would allow a religious child welfare organization to use discriminatory assistance or counseling practices — to the detriment of abused LGBTQ children.

The health and care of a child should be the only factor that a child welfare agency and its employees take into consideration — not advancing the bigoted agendas of state contractors promoting dogma at the expense of children in need.

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