Pennsylvania Needs a Smart Re-Start


Join us and urge the Pennsylvania state legislature to take swift action on a “Smart Re-Start” to protect healthcare providers, PPE manufacturers and small businesses from liability related to COVID-19.

Providing protection to healthcare workers and facilities will fill in the gaps that Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) executive order did not cover and will allow the healthcare industry to continue providing access to world-renowned care without wasting resources on frivolous lawsuits. Providing protection to manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) will allow manufacturers to continue providing necessary products for the public as well as meet the demands for equipment for our healthcare industry. Businesses of every size, but especially small businesses, are following ever-changing guidelines as closely as they can, but providing protection from premises liability will allow businesses to safely re-open without fear of their doors re-shuttering due to the overbearing costs of litigation.

Tell your legislator to bring COVID-19 liability protections to Pennsylvania.


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