Call your state rep to keep great teachers in the classroom

Your state representative will vote soon on HF 2400, which contains provisions that would needlessly push great teachers out of Minnesota classrooms.

Nothing influences elected officials more than hearing from constituents. While emails go a long way, phone calls have the greatest impact.

Call your state representative now and tell them you OPPOSE the licensure proposals in HF 2400.

Use this tool to find your state representative's number, then make a quick call to register your concerns. Specifically, tell them that the licensure changes in HF 2400 would:

  • strip school leaders of flexibility to hire the best educators;
  • force effective teachers out of the classroom, with a devastating impact on career and technical education and teacher diversity; and,
  • ultimately force Minnesota students to lose out on great teachers.

Instead of pushing effective teachers out of the classroom, we need to focus on retaining them. Let your state rep know that you OPPOSE the licensure changes in HF 2400, and hope they will, too.

Call your state rep today!

Thank you for taking action.