Tell Congress to Support American Jobs

International visitors are a key contributor to the American economy. On average, they spend $4,500 per person during their visits which supports good American jobs, especially in the hospitality industry.

Unfortunately, the process to obtain a visa is outdated and needlessly complicated, meaning that some travelers who would otherwise visit the U.S.look elsewhere for international travel.

But Congress can do something about it.

The JOLT Act of 2019 would make it easier for international visitors to come to the U.S., visit our communities and small businesses like yours, and witness, firsthand, what truly makes America great.

By streamlining the secure travel partnership program, the JOLT Act would bring more travelers to the U.S. and create more business for hoteliers, like you, and all facets of the travel and tourism industry. This opens the door for more jobs, more business, and more growth.

Tell your Member of Congress to support the JOLT Act today!


Thank you for telling Congress how they can encourage more business for the travel and tourism industry. We encourage you to share your support for the JOLT Act on social media and tell others to make their voices heard on this important issue.


AAHOA Advocacy