Help repeal North Dakota's Sunday Closing law (Blue Law)

Send a note to your legislator today in support of HB 1097! It is the right of all business owners to choose when they wish to operate. Many businesses have this right, such as farms, hospitals, restaurants, bait shops, and Christmas tree stands. Ask your North Dakota legislators to allow other businesses that same freedom.

Consumers in North Dakota should decide for themselves when to worship, rest, earn a living, and when to spend their own hard-earned money. We're all for rest and family time, but it should be up to individuals and families to determine what times work best for them.

North Dakota has been trying for 130 years to craft a version of the Sunday Closing law that makes sense. The dilemma is that it cannot be done. There is no version of this law that can allow for emergencies (see hospitals, power plants), recreation (see bait shops and sporting goods), and still not restrict the freedom of its citizens from conducting transactions that we can all agree are moral and acceptable.

Rather than attempt to make sense of this “Swiss cheese” law that contains over 80 exceptions, we should place this responsibility with the people of North Dakota where it belongs.

Repealing this law does not force businesses to open on Sunday mornings. To the contrary, repealing this law allows those that wish to open to do so while permitting those that wish to remain closed to do so. Repealing this law also does not force consumers to patronize these businesses on Sunday morning. Everyone can decide for themselves.

Join the effort by sending a letter to your legislator today! Tell them you stand for freedom, flexibility, and fairness for North Dakota's families and businesses.

Take action now!


Thank you for your support of HB 1097. Please encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to do the same today!