Love your (immigrant) neighbor? Let Congress know.

Throughout scripture we are reminded God’s commandment to love our neighbors, both here and around the world. Recently, President Trump has issued multiple executive orders that target some of the most vulnerable members of our global family - immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and Muslims. Plans are being made to build a border wall and more detention centers, and our undocumented community members have been caught up in immigration raids, including a Methodist lay leader in Kansas, a mother in Colorado, multiple DACA recipients, and men coming out of a church ministry.

Congress has the power to say no.

Our legislators can stop the President from building a wall and increasing detention & deportations. They control “the power of the purse,” which means they can decide whether or not to cut funding for education, housing, school lunch programs, and poverty-focused international assistance, and spend billions of dollars to dramatically expand immigration enforcement, targeting our undocumented community members, detaining children and separating families.

Policies that wall off America, separate families, and abandon those in need are contrary to our nation’s values of family unity, fairness, and equality. Tell congress to oppose funding for a border wall, deportation force & detention centers

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