Take Action: Dallas Needs Strong Recycling Policies

It’s past time that Dallas city officials finally got serious about waste reduction. Luckily, they will soon be considering universal recycling access in commercial and multi-family buildings AND separating the compostable materials from the bulky trash. We need you to raise your voice and tell them to follow through on these two key initiatives. Add you name to our petition and send a personalized message today!

More than half of the city’s residents live in apartments and condos, while a paltry 24% of properties offer basic recycling services. Dallas can do better! Tell city officials we need recycling in all multi-family properties by January 2020. In residential neighborhoods, Dallas offers monthly collection of yard trimmings, other compostable brush materials, and bulk trash. Unfortunately, many compostable materials can’t be recovered since they are often combined in trucks with bulk trash. Other cities have found solutions for mulching and composting brush. Tell Dallas officials, we can do the same!

We need you to raise your voice to get Dallas city officials to follow through on two key initiatives: Multi-family recycling & Yard waste composting.


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