Tell Maine Legislators to Protect our Clean Water!

A petition to the Appropriations Committee in support of Water Bonds LD 1510 and LD 178:
Maine’s economy, people, and way of life rely on the clean waters across our state. Studies show that water quality in Maine’s lakes is deteriorating from pollution. We need to prevent further damage now, to save money – and jobs, tourism, and fisheries – in the future. We urge you to support LD 1510 and LD 178 to protect our valuable water resources from pollution that could seriously threaten our state. 
LD 178 seeks to improve camp roads and other sources of pollution to prevent algae blooms and the degradation of Maine waters. This bond will secure nearly $10 million in federal funds to ensure that we can stop dangerous pollution, while providing jobs for Maine contractors.
LD 1510 is designed to address the significant backlog of sewage infrastructure projects across the state. Many of our sewage pipes and treatment facilities are falling apart – and letting potentially hazardous sewage into our otherwise clean water. Many towns can’t foot the bill for these big projects, but they will be paying more in damages if it isn’t addressed soon.
LD 1510 will make investments in improving sewers, pump stations, and water treatment facilities across the state to stop harmful pollutants from entering our waters and risking our health and wellbeing, while leveraging $71 million in other funding and creating or sustaining 2,186 jobs. 
Over 600,000 Mainers rely on clean lakes for drinking water and our lakes generate at least $3.5 billion in economic activity each year. We were given incredible natural resources here in Maine, and now we have to maintain and protect them.
We urge you to approve the water bonds, LD 178 and LD 1510, to protect the clean water resources that make Maine such a great place to work, play, and live.  

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