Support Peace in Colombia

Colombia is at a crossroads – will you help lend support to the peace process?

Since November 2012, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP), the largest guerrilla group, have participated in peace dialogues to end more than 50 years of armed conflict. After three years of negotiations, the parties have reached agreements on four of the six points on the agenda. Negotiations continue, and an agreement could be signed within months. As the signing of the peace accords nears, it is a critical time to call on the U.S. to play a supportive role and strengthen peacemaking efforts within Colombia.

The United Church of Christ General Synod has called on our churches and national ministries to be active in supporting a negotiated peace in Colombia, and advocate for a shift in U.S. support to the nation from military aid to humanitarian relief. Each year, the Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia give us an opportunity to link our voice with other U.S. churches and stand in solidarity with millions of Colombians advocating for a just, inclusive peace.

Join with faithful advocates in the U.S. and Colombia in working for a sustainable peace.

As the U.S. government begins plans for a new “Peace Colombia” assistance package aimed at supporting peace, we must call on Congress to ensure that this package remains robust and includes provisions that address human rights violations and will support and monitor the peace accord implementation.

After more than five decades of war, Colombia can finally see peace on the horizon. But peace isn’t guaranteed through an agreement; true peace with justice will be built from the “ground up” and take years of work. Contact your members of Congress and urge them to support the long term implementation of a just peace in Colombia.

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