Home Health Copays and Payment Cuts are Wrong for Medicare

Over 3 million senior citizens and Americans with disabilities enrolled in Medicare rely on home health care services.  This benefit allows individuals to receive quality, affordable health care services in the comfort of their homes rather than a more costly hospital or nursing home setting.  Copayments and additional payment cuts would be devastating to access to care for home health patients in our state.

A Home Health Copayment:

  • would be a "Sick Tax" falling most heavily on the oldest, sickest, poorest seniors;
  • will shift seniors to more costly hospital or nursing home settings, increasing Medicare and Medicaid costs;
  • was repealed in 1972 because of the burden it placed on vulnerable seniors, collection costs, and the services it shifted to more costly settings.

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Tell Congress that Medicare savings can be achieved through thoughtful and targeted reforms—not the imposition of home health copays and payment cuts!


Your action today makes a difference in the lives of our countries most vulnerable seniors — the sick, the old and the infirm! #NoSickTax